Kasoa has been thrown into a state of shock and mourning as a 10 year old boy has been callously killed by two 16 year old boys for alleged ritual purposes.

The incident is said to have happened in the early hours of Saturday 3rd April 2021, at a time where most Christians are in a solemn mode marking the death and resurrection of Christ, these boys decided to do their own thing.

According to unconfirmed reports gathered by this portal, the two 16 year old boys who live in the same neigbourhood with the deceased 10 year old, lured him into a room under the pretext of teaching him after which they managed to kill him.

After killing the boy, the juveniles allegedly cut off one of his ear and managed to wrap his body with some cloths and tried to move his body out of the room.

It was at this point that luck eluded them as the deceased boy's father saw them and raised alarm and they were apprehended whiles the Police were called in.

But before the police arrived they had been given the beatings of their lives for this heinous crime.