Popular Nigerian Comedian, Pararan has taken to his channel to laud Ghanaian doctors for performing the country's first awake brain surgery.

Pararan expressed satisfaction with how Africa is improving its healthcare system and doing many complicated procedures without having to seek outside help.

The comedian also recounted how his life was once saved when he visited a Ghanaian hospital. According to him, he was suffering from appendicitis which almost took his life.

Upon arrival, at the hospital, doctors realized that his predicament was an emergency because his appendix had ruptured, and he could die if the surgery was not conducted as soon as possible.

"My operation was done in Ghana for appendicitis which nearly killed me. The Trust Hospital in Osu. The staff did not even know I was the host of Mock News.

"When I arrived on Wednesday, they could tell I would live till Friday because my appendix had raptured but they did not disclose this to me so I will not panic. I was made to sign some forms without even paying a deposit and then quickly rushed me to the theatre.”

Paranan narrated how much pain he was in before his arrival in Ghana for treatment and how difficult his recovery was, to the extent that he felt like he had to relearn how to walk.

The first awake brain surgery in West Africa has been conducted in Ghana at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge Hospital) on Sergeant Sylvester Boakye who had psychiatric issues because of a tumor in his brain.

The awake brain surgery was conducted by Prof Samuel Kaba.

Watch the video below to hear the comedian's full account from the 12th minute: