Seasoned journalist Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako Jr. has made an astonishing discovery regarding Aisha Huang and the reasons for her success in the galamsey operation in Ghana.

The Editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper claims that the well-known Chinese miner has recordings of sex acts on camera as well as audio files with private discussions of certain strong Ghanaian men who are in positions of authority in society.

During a discussion on Saturday's Newsfile show about the fight against illicit mining and Aisha Huang's arrest, Kwaku Baaku asserted that Aisha Huang had been detained three times during the previous administration. He claimed that Huang, who had been detained numerous times, always managed to have herself released, demonstrating how "powerful" she was.

He noted that in addition to the skills she acquired in the John Mahama-led government, Aisha Huang had also established connections in the present administration run by President Akufo-Addo, a move Baako claims enables her to escape any danger.

"This particular Chinese woman, I have it on record, was arrested 3 times during the previous administration, 3 times she was released, a very powerful woman, operates more within the Ashanti Region, especially Kumasi.

"She's got connections, from my own checks, also in this administration. She appears to be a very smooth operative. She's built a network across the political divide, her agents placed in state institutions; and she's able to riggle herself out of danger or trouble anytime she's touched," he revealed, adding "I hope it doesn't happen this time around."

Baako further disclosed, "...And she's got accomplices ㅡ the other one is called Monica, they're powerful. Part of their strength is that they resorted to a certain system of blackmailing. Look, they have video and audio recordings of people who are powerful, people who have been entrusted with responsibilities to protect us as a people. That's how dangerous the game is. That's where the strength of these powerful women are coming from."

He added, "They have videos and audio recordings of conversations with some strategically placed persons from then and now; and some they are having sex with. They have girls, mainly Chinese whom they brought into town to sleep with these big men or big guys well-placed; and they use it to blackmail them into submission, that's how powerful."

According to Baako, although there have been calls to free Huang, the people receiving the calls should be aware of who they are speaking to and, if possible, expose them. This will, in his opinion, put an end to the Aisha Huang situation and result in her being charged.

"That's why those who are receiving the calls from the so-called power brokers must be sure who are calling them and they must expose them if indeed they're working for the system, it's part of the cure," he told host Samson Lardi Anyenini.

Source: Yaw Prekoh Jnr./