Moesha Buodong has laid down some advise to ladies seeking to find responsible and good men as husbands.

According to the instagram goddess, prayer is the only answer to their search in finding a supportive man.

Although Moesha has been tagged by many as one who loves rich men only, her recent interview with  SVTV AFRICA paints a different picture.

“It’s not easy these days but there are lots of good guys out there and I entreat young ladies to pray to God for a good guy. ” Moesha stated

When asked if she prays for men in her life, the well-endowed lady said she doesn’t pray for men to come her way but she has a gift of differentiating from the good and the bad men.

“I don’t plan to date people who are comfortable, they just come my way. I don’t use charm. It is the work of God.” she maintained.