For those of you pretending on social media....we SEE you....funny how everything changes in hours! Heard so many arguments! Heard a lot of people talking as if they got a call from an angel in heaven about this election! One thing for sure,,, this election has TAUGHT me so much, and I believe Ghanaians have also learnt from it!!!! POWER is from God!!!!! My PRESIDENT, Ghana needs you.....and we believe in you  ??CONGRATULATIONS ?


Congratulations to Nana Addo ??the PRESIDENT elect for Ghana. OUR PRESIDENT For majority of Ghanaians, change is hope and a call for change is a call to duty. We pray for God's guidance for you to deliver. I believe you will also take this opportunity to reunite us as a people and together work for the great Ghana we hope for. Thanks to the president Mahama led government ?? ??You have played your part. And to Ghanaians ?? the security services and international observers ....ayeekoo for a peaceful electoral process. One Ghana, one People !! #Ghana is all we have ..#peace #ghanawins ?? ??

Source: yvonne nelson/facebook