The Disaster Prevention Officers visited fuel stations, poultry farms, sawmills and sachet water-producing companies within Mim, Ali Kuro mu and Akrodie respectively under the conurbation of Asunafo North Municipality.

Ahafo NADMO's Operations team headed by the Operations Director, Mutala Mohammed educated the various managers and their workers on the need to set up safety precaution measures for workers and the entire facilities for their rectitude. Mr Mutala explained to sawmills operators the importance of wearing safety boots, hand gloves and protective sunglasses.

Ahafo NADMO is poised to equip Organisations to be cautious about any misfortune which might occur. According to the head of Ahafo NADMO's Rapid Response Unit, W. O. Abdulai Bawah, they will continue to create awareness of disasters through intensive education and ensure disaster prevention, risk and vulnerability reduction, as a means of reducing the impact of industrial cataclysm.

On his part, W. O. Bawah reiterated on the panoramic pricket that, NADMO is much more concerned with prevention because prevention pays more than maintenance. They advised the companies to set up emergency Assembly Points, fire points, alarm schemes and alternative alarm schemes for the betterment of their firms.

Source: Francis Agyapong Nimpong