As companies endeavour to expand and establish long-term sustainability, the inclusion of individuals with disabilities has frequently been met with resistance. People with disabilities often face barriers and discrimination in employment due to misconceptions or stereotypes.

In the Takoradi Metropolis, limited number of companies have implemented disability-friendly policies, and even those that have done so often only comply with regulations to avoid legal repercussions. Companies tend to prioritize the needs of able-bodied individuals, resulting in products and work environments that are disadvantageous for people with disabilities.

However, amidst this discouraging scenario, there are organizations within the Takoradi metropolis that are actively working towards creating more inclusive environments by providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities.Galaxy Poly Products, a manufacturer of various plastic products, has demonstrated its commitment to diversity by employing hearing-impaired individuals in their production line. Out of the total production staff, fifteen individuals with hearing impairments make up 20.5 percent.

This significant observation was made during a three-day visit to unionized companies in the western region by Brother Bernard Owusu, the national chairman of the General Transport, Petroleum, and Chemical Workers Union (GTPCWU), which took place from September 13th to September 15th, 2023. During a meeting with the management and staff of Galaxy Poly Products, Brother Bernard Owusu expressed his admiration for the company and highlighted numerous reasons why Galaxy products deserves recognition.This initiative by the company has created a more inclusive workforce, contributing to a more equitable society.

By providing employment opportunities for disabled individuals as the case of Galaxy Poly Product demonstrates, companies can contribute to economic growth and reduce the burden on social welfare systems. He added that companies that seek out disabled candidates can tap into a previously underutilized talent pool, and this can help address skills shortages and ensure that businesses have access to the best possible candidates for the job.

By employing disabled individuals, companies like Galaxy Poly Products can help break down the barriers that prevent disabled people from participating as full members of today’s highly judgemental society, he added. This can lead to greater social inclusion and improved quality of life for all.The initiative taken by companies to provide employment opportunities for disabled individuals, as exemplified by Galaxy Poly Product, has far-reaching benefits and need to serve as motivation for other companies within the region to follow suit.

By employing persons with disabilities, companies have the opportunity to promote diversity, equality, and social responsibility within the business community. It is an opportunity for companies to overcome any preconceived notions or biases they may have towards individuals with disabilities and thereby create a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

Employing persons with disabilities is an important step towards achieving diversity within the workforce. Diversity encompasses a wide range of characteristics such as race, gender, age, and disability. Companies that employ disabled persons demonstrate that their workforce reflect the diverse society in which they operate. By so doing fairness, equal opportunities, different perspectives and experiences are brought to the table, fostering innovation and creativity within the company and society at large.