Flagbearer hopeful of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Augustus ‘Goosie’ Tanoh has called for reforms in the argic sector to help improve investment.

Speaking to delegates at Hohoe in the Volta Region, Goosie Tanoh said the economy stands the chance of earning more from agriculture if the government adopt measures to improve production processes, and increase yields.

“Hohoe is formally a major coffee producer, formerly a major cocoa producer, one of the extraordinary things Hohoe produces is rice,” he observed.

The politician added: We import close to $3 million to $4 million of rice every year from Thailand. If we were to invest half of that money in all the rice-growing areas in Hohoe, Aveyime, Kwame Danso and all those areas, can you imagine what would happen in times of reviving the value chain for the production of rice from the point of farming to the point where it’s sold?

“The farmer gets employed, he gets the market, people who produce seeds also get the market, the tractor driver also gets a market, the combined harvester operator gets a market, so, you’ll see a value chain where jobs are being created and incomes are being generated,” said.

The NDC aspirant said, despite the significant contribution of agriculture to the Ghanaian economy, the sector does not receive adequate financial support. He, therefore, admonished the government to incentivise those in the private sector so they can also cushion the ordinary farmers.

“The private sector must be incentivised and protected and given every support because the risk factors associated with our type of economy and the role of government is basically to move, not entirely, but, at least manage the risk factor that makes people afraid to invest in that type of situation.”