The LOOP is currently in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which involves the Black Stars of Ghana to perform an independent and professional duties and transmit unadulterated information underpinned by professional responsibility,legal responsibility and social responsibility.

The Government through the Ministry for Youth and Sports has played its remarkable role,

The GFA under the leadership of Kurt Okraku has done a yeoman's job in handling all matters from the appointment of head coach,qualification to the world cup,final 26-man squard,final international friendly against Switzerland and safe landing in Doha,Qatar for the global football mundial.

Both meanstream media outlets and social media platforms are battle ready for the global football showdown with their representatives already in Doha to perform their professional duties.

The Ghanaian public especially those from the football fraternity are also ready for the world cup with so much expectations on the Black Stars.

Politicians in Ghana are also looking forward to the participation of the Black Stars in the world cup, BUT with "mix feelings" due to political expedience and track record of a government in power during an international football tournament involving Ghana especially the world cup.

The President,Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,former presidents,J.A Koffour and John Dramani Mahama have all wished the Black Stars the very best of luck.

And so,you are kindly requested to drop any political game plan and embrace unity of purpose as we appear on a world stage representing our motherland GHANA.


*1.Ministry for Youth and Sports:*

The Minster for Youth and Sports,Hon.Mustapha Ussif must know that he is the one representing Ghanaians and the government, and so must continue to solidify his excellent relationship with the GFA and all football stakeholders at this material time in Qatar.

Honourable, do everything humanly possible to provide all the needs and wants of the team and make sure you avoid a third party in your communication engagement with the FA leadership.

Discourage irrelevant and irresponsible comments from the public concerning the Black Stars and their management team members.

You have performed very well in the Black Stars qualification and preparation towards the world cup in Qatar.Maintain that spirit.Kudos.

*2.The Ghana Football Association(GFA)*

Mr.Kurt Okraku, undoubtedly you have realised one of your greatest dreams for Ghana Football with the World Cup qualification.

You've gone through a lot of processes before this day, and so all you need is to consolidate your spirit and game plan regardless.

Mr.President,one of your political campaign slogans, "THE GAME CHANGER"that seems to become a clichés is gradually reshaping public thoughts and opinion on exactly what you meant.

The Loop will like to encourage you to maintain your current assertive style of communication with all stakeholders in football especially the ministry,your colleagues EXCO members,the Black Stars technical staff,your subordinates,the media and all.

You need to formulate a structured and regulated communication network to cater for your internal and external communications at this time to help avoid unnecessary stress,anxiety and confusion.

Stay away from the so called "fortune-tellers" who can only get you off your spiritual rails and cause you irreparable damages.Remember what happened in Cameroon.

Mr.President,remember you visited the Ghana National Mosques for special prayers which was excellently delivered by the national chief Imam, Shiekh,Dr.Osman Nuhu Sharubutu.You also attended a Church and our men of God effectively prayed for you and the team.

I can assure you that both the playing body and their handlers have also requested for prayers at various angles.And so,be focused on the technical staff and players for better results instead of the unnecessary manipulations from individuals claiming to be supporters and spiritual messengers.


Coach Nana Otto Addo,you have already proven your prowess as an excellent leader with enviable technical and human relations skills.

Your ability to have created a new paradym shift in the Black Stars team devoid of rancour,divide and rule,disunity,individualism,
hatred and animosity is enough to commend you for a yeoman's job done.

Your records speak for themselves and so all you need is to maintain your game plan with your colleagues coaches,the playing body and the GFA.

You have no business allowing any intruder or outsider to interfere with your job as the head Coach.The great technical men around you and the other three coaches serving as tournament scouts are enough for you.

Champion coach Nana Otto Addo, you are born as a winner and so keep yourself tight to the principles and approach you have adopted in our crucial game against Nigeria for the world cup qualification and the inteenatinal friendly matches the Black Stars played so far.

You have raised the bar a bit higher and the writings on the wall clearly indicate that you are going to set a record and shock the world in Qatar.

The Loop's fear is that,you may be snatched from Ghana by big clubs or some countries....remain focused,you are the best.


The Skipper of the Black Stars Andre Dede Ayew has a track record of a world cup tournament and the ingredients needed to achieve the ultimate.Clearly he's born to be a leader and a winner in all things.

Andre,as the Skipper, do everything humanly and practically possible to maintain your effective communication and excellent relationship skills with your colleagues and handlers especially the head coach.

The Black Stars have been described by many football pandits in Ghana and beyond as the dark-horse for the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022.It all came about due to team work,peace,love and tranquility in camp.

The Loop will like to offer you the following pointers:

a.Establish an effective communication between the team players and the head coach.

b.Consolidate your magnificent brotherhood with the team and keep spirity of unity of purpose alive.

c.Tell your colleagues to avoid watching phonographic materials via their phone or engage in anything promiscuous.

d.Tell your colleagues to avoid any unnecessary phone calls regarding spirituality.The Lord is already done with you all and everything regarding the world cup and so don't allow any liar and unscrupulous individuals to mislead you and suffer the consequences.

e.Your parents must be the only persons you can call to seek their prayers especially mothers .Imams and Pastors in Ghana have already started doing their job and will continue till your last match.Please IGNORE the liars regardless of your relationship with them.

f.If you allow such questionable characters to invade your privacy,the will cause you psychological and mental trauma.

g.Avoid any Sports Journalist at this crucial time regarding any internal or external matters about the team.Be extra careful with those who will request for your financial support at this period.You can sort them out after the tournament.

h.Tell your colleagues both Muslims and Christians to continue with your individual and collective prayers with the combination of "jama"and see the end results.Never allow a journalist in your hotel rooms.


Undoubtedly Sports Journalism in Ghana has taken a nove dive due to countless reasons.The Loop shall visit this phenomenon in due course.

Fellow colleagues,let me commend some of you who have exhibited unadulterated professional responsibility in your line of work.Names and media outlets will be mentioned after the World Cup Mundial.

All what is expected of you are as follow:

a.You must reposition yourself as a key stakeholder in football who is out there (in Ghana or Qatar) to execute his/her job without any malice.

b.Remember that you have onerous responsibility to display ethics of journalism in your reportage which includes,fairness,ballance,
objectivity,accuracy and verifiability.

c.As a professional Journalist,you must consider professional responsibility,legal responsibility and social responsibility as your building blocks in performing your duty to ensure your dignity,integrity and responsibility are not affected.Please avoid selling your birth right for a single meal.

d.Some of you have already provided the results of all the matches Ghana will be playing at at world cup,right? .

CLearly such unprofessional behaviour by some of our so called sports journalists depicted the difference between a trained and untrained sports journalist.

e.Please stay away from the players regardless of your relationship with them.Please avoid asking any player financial support.

f.Avoid asking unnecessary questions that cannot be substantiated but could create confusion and anxiety in the Black Stars camp.

g.It's very important all the media outlets ready to cover the world cup, to first of all, applaud the GFA under the leadership of President Kurt Okraku for reshaping of his phrase "CREATING WEALTH FOR ALL".
There is the need to consider highly,your story telling technique(STT) regarding content,production,delivery
(presentation,commentary analysis) and all.

h.With all respect,I think we all need refresher engagement to better our approach to the aforementioned especially analysing of issues.We need the required tools.Please is not about language fluency but the critical skills and analytical mind of the subject matter.


The Minister for Youth and Sports,Hon.Mustapha Ussif was quoted to have said that,the government can't sponsor any supporters for the world cup.Interestingly,THE LOOP is smelling a huge rat about this pronouncements.The loop searchlight in Qatar shall find out the truth on this matter.

As a die in the wool supporter of the your national team,you must understand your role and responsibility before you become a liability to handlers and players of the Black Stars.

Information reaching THE LOOP has it that most of you sometimes see your presence at such huge tournament as a form of greener pasture kind of endeavour.Yet to be substantiated though.

Please respect yourselves and keep to your very important role as inspirers and motivators for the team.Your role is so important that without you our players may not discover their real game plan on the pitch.

Please display your spirit of nationalism in Qatar regardless of your favourite player.Ghana must supersede all other interest.

Ghanaian Supporters in Ghana must also keep hope alive and avoid distracting family members of these players in Ghana and beyond,who may relay such bitter information to their family members in the Black Stars camp and cause disaffection and disaster.


The loop wishes to express profound gratitude to you for navigating through this lengthy informative piece .We all must be part of the new paradym shift in our football ( passion of the nation).

Let me remind all football stakeholders in Ghana that THE LOOP SEACHLIGHT ANTENNA is in Qatar and so reposition yourselves in all your endeavours to avoid any shock or untold circumstances.

The mission and purpose of THE LOOP for this world cup in Qatar is to follow every step that will be taken by any of the aforementioned stakeholders to help rewrite our scripts at the world cup.

Enjoy the opening ceremony and the first match today.Remember to pray for the Black Stars to push mountains in Qatar.

Long live all stakeholders
Long live the GFA
Long live Ghana