Management of Kencity Media Limited – operators of Oman FM, Ash FM and Net 2 TV have press the alarm button about a possible jamming of their signals when this year's elections take place on Wednesday.

In a release on the subject, the company's management stated that “the management of Kencity Media Limited operators of Oman FM, Ash FM and Net 2 TV has picked intelligence that, once again, their stations are sure to be sabotaged and taken off air during this year's elections.”

The management recalled how during the 2012 polls, the company's stations suffered a similar fate at the hands of the National Communications Authority. “It may be recalled that during the 2012 elections just when the polling results started trickling in, the networks transmission were interfered with jamming devices.”

The NCA denied engaging in such activities but media watchers stated that no jamming of the signals of the networks could be undertaken without the connivance of the regulatory authority.

Jamming devices, the networks management has alleged, have been installed at strategic points under the direction of persons whose names they said they would for now keep under the lid.

“We condemn in no uncertain terms these diabolic moves aimed at restricting the Network from discharging its democratic responsibilities and wish to call on all well-meaning Ghanaians, the Diplomatic community and international observers to intervene and stop these acts,” said the management.

The alarm raised by Kencity Media management comes at the heels of the earlier warning by IGP that he could order the shutdown of social media during the elections. He did come under enormous flak following the infamous utterance by cherishers of democracy who said he could not curtail the fundamental freedom of Ghanaians.

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