A Founding member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Dr. Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe has described the 19 year reign of ex President Jerry John Rawlings as “a wasted time.”

According to the firebrand politician, though the former President was at the helm of affairs of this country for a considerable length of time, nothing substantial was achieved during his rule.

Dr. Nhaho Nyaho Tamakloe who in an interview with Politics & Power Magazine stated that Ex President Rawlings who’s the longest serving leader in the country’s history rather recorded the height of indiscipline and corruption during his tenure in office.

“Look at the educational set up that Nkrumah placed and that to me transformed the country at that time. We are still trying to make it; Nkrumah was able to make it. The free education started from his time. What we are doing now is nothing new. And then the way he was able to put the secondary schools together, he built numerous secondary schools across the country, and that’s what we are at the moment benefitting from. The establishment of a medical school, he went through all difficulties but he was able to put that together.

“Now we have a medical school at the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, we have one in the north now, we have one I think in Cape Coast so that tells you to run a nation you must have a vision, this is the way I look at it. I always say that the Malaysia example is something very striking to me. For a whole period of 19 years, nine good years during the rule of Jerry John Rawlings, I don’t really see what this country benefited, I must say.

Asked whether Rawlings era was a wasted time?, Dr Nyaho Tamakloe who was Ghana’s Ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro responded:

“To me, it was a wasted time because if he had been able to achieve what he wanted to do, he would have been the first person to really transform this country to
a higher level but nothing like that came. I mean, let’s face it, nothing. His tenure, rather, brew indiscipline and the corruption that he wanted to clear at that
time, he was not able to do it. It’s gone worse now. You know what is happening now? I mean corruption is everywhere, everywhere, it’s so pathetic.”