Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has said he forsees a terrible time for the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) as it starts life in opposition beginning 2017, after it lost the December 7 elections.

According to him, he envisages Ex President Jerry John Rawlings who’s the founder of the NDC giving the party a hell of a time as he’ll try to interfere in the activities of the party to get things done his way.

The NDC lost in both the Presidential and Parliamentary elections held last Wednesday’s, as the main opposition leader, Nana Akufo Addo won with 5,716, 026 votes representing 53.85%, toppling incumbent President John Dramani Mahama who polled 4,713,277 representing 44.04%.

Ex President J.J Rawlings who many believe has been unfairly alienated from the NDC has on countless ocassion had cause to publicly attack his own NDC party in government, accusing it of engaging in deep seated corruption and failing to live by the ideals of the party, which is probity, accountability and social justice.

Mr Rawlings told the governing party during the NDC Campaign launch in August in Cape Coast that winning the 2016 elections will not be an easy task, while reminding them not to underestimate the opposition (NPP).

“The task ahead of you won’t be an easy task. I will reserve what I have to say till after the elections when I will come round the country to share with you how I think we could restore the kind of strength that can take us well into the future. There are certain weaknesses that we need to deal with.”

Many political watchers believe this comment by the ex President is pregnant with so many meanings and would likely see him staging a strong fight for the soul of the NDC once it begins life in opposition.

Speaking on Joy FM’s News File programme over the weekend, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako urged the NDC to prepare itself as the ex President is going to be a thorn in their flesh.

“I think the challenge they are ging to have is…the NDC in opposition must be watching out for Jerry Rawlings, he’ll be intruding trying to seize the party.”