The Executive Director of the Institute of Education (IFEST) Studies, Peter Partey Anti, has said the academic calendar in Ghana should be restrategized following the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and its impact on the educational sector.

The outbreak of the virus in Ghana has disrupted the academic calendar after all schools were closed down in order to contain the virus.

Final year students in the universities and the Senior High Schools, however, were recalled to enable them to write their final examinations.

Mr Anti explained on TV3’s Covid-19 360 Wednesday, August 12 that if the situation is not looked at properly, it is likely to distort the next academic calendar.

“If the academic calendar is not strategized in September, we are going to have lots of students who are to move to the next level and who cannot do that,” he said.

He added ‘’we should sit and learn from the lessons of partially re-opening of schools and strategize and move forward and progress smoothly ‘’.

Mr Anti further explained that management of Ghana’s education will need to provide a well-thought-through plan on the possible re-opening of schools.

He said, "It is practically difficult and if school is going to be reopened wholesale there is the need for them to know specifically the type of re-opening ‘’.