In March 2015, Bill Gates made an interesting forecast at a TEDx seminar by revealing that; the greatest risk of global catastrophe is not missiles but the outbreak of viruses. After the outbreak of Ebola virus, global leaders failed to institute systemic mechanisms to train and prepare personnel as a rapid response team just like the military to compact the outbreak of viruses.

The name coronavirus in recent times has won itself a massive recognition as a global household name.

The news of the spread of this virus first appeared in International news as an epidemic with mainland China as its point of origin until the virus subtly metamorphosed into a pandemic status causing fear and panic globally.

Currently, world statistics have recorded over 200,000 cases of which more than 8,000 patients have lost their lives and 85,590 recovered from the virus attack.

Most global leaders have issued a mandatory quarantine for all passengers arriving at their respective countries for 14 days of which Ghana is not an exception, and the citizenry admonished to adhere to the precautionary measures outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The welfare of children, the aged and most especially people living with disability is quiet crucial taking into the contagious nature of COVID - 19.

The imbroglio of the above-mentioned groups of people burdens the heart of anyone who is passionate about the survival of the minorities in society. Nothing/Little has been done in terms of the provision of the needed logistics most especially hand sanitizers to insulate these highly vulnerable people from the sharp claws of COVID-19.

Aside the catastrophes brought by this virus, the price of the immediate remedy which is the hand sanitizer has also escalated. It is a rising concern since most people cannot afford hand sanitizers.

I beckon the Health minister, officers from the department of social welfare (under Ministry of Gender & Social Protection) both at regional & district level and other corporate institutions to tailor help specifically for the minorities in society.

Richard Bosomtwi
Youth Activist
[email protected]