A 22-year-old man is the latest person to level allegations of medical negligence against the Greater Accra Regional Hospital popularly known as Ridge Hospital.

According to Nsiah [pseudonym], the negligence of the health authorities at the facility has left him with a protruding and rotten stomach following a surgery six months ago.

He told Joy News’ Kojo Yankson that he was referred to the hospital after an initial report of stomach pains at the Mamobi Polyclinic.

"They [doctors] said I had to undergo a surgery and I was alerted the stitches would be removed after the 10th day when the wound would have healed."

"They have been dressing the wound until the seventh day when the nurse on duty started removing the stitches," he said.

Nsiah said although he was in a weak condition, he resisted when removing the stitches.

The angry nurse only ignored his cries and said, "who are you to teach me my job," when the patient insisted that the doctor had categorically stated when to remove the stitches.

Nsiah recounted that he has had no sleep from then because ‘"at midnight, the wound opened up from top to down."

The nurse he called to help him told him his condition required a doctor who later came and directed the wound to be dressed so that proper attention could be given to the wound in the morning.

According to him, they were unable to attend to him in the morning until some few days later when the open wound was restitched.

He claims the doctors were not so moved to tend to his condition and when they eventually did, his wound was restitched in the dressing room and not the theatre where they had earlier said he was to be attended to.

"The doctor used the same holes in restitching the wound and days later, the nurse was coming to dress the wound removed the plaster and realized the skin has rotten and the stitches had removed," he told the reporter.

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His comments follow more victims of alleged medical negligence cases at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital beginning to speak up recently.

In the last week, scores of people claiming to be victims have either called into radio stations or taken to social media to share their hospital experiences.

A young couple has implored authorities at the hospital to provide them with details into the mysterious disappearance of their newborn child.

The hospital claims the baby died and was being taken care of by the medical professionals, but the parents of the child said they were neither informed about the death or shown the body.

They have threatened to sue the hospital for medical negligence.