The Liverpool Striker scores with a marvelous goal against Sheff United on the 3rd January 2020. Yes! He is Sadio Mane… The number 10, who is also plays for Senegal. He’s known for his dribbles, goalscoring skills, pace and strength! Also, Mane is one of the best forwards in the world! Yet, compared to other players, Mane has a different lifestyle.

The 27-year-old lives an ordinary and simple life. He wakes up really early, showers and prays! After that, he goes for training. Mane Said: ‘’If our report time is 9.30 am, for example, I still like to come in a little bit earlier and get some treatment.

"I’ll always arrive earlier than report time, sometimes up to an hour before, so I can get treatment with the medical staff and then go into the gym and get myself ready for the day’s session’’.

Mane is really bad at cooking; however, his only rule is to always eat healthily! For breakfast, he prefers fruit and yogurt with nuts. Mane once mentioned ‘’I have learned to listen to what my body is telling me. I used to eat whatever I wanted because I was young and had no experience of all of this. Now, I believe it is very important as a young player to start earlier, to eat healthily, and be 100 percent ready. And to also sleep earlier!’’

For Mane, football players are lucky as they are exposed to a lot of options! For him, the most important thing is hard work and not to miss any training! Liverpool is one of the biggest clubs in Europe and it’s like a dream come true for him!

He loves his team and his manager. After training, Mane goes to relax, either at home or sometimes in a restaurant! On occasion, he invites his teammates over to play board games or movies. Speaking of games, drop by Magical Vegas Casino. You will find football themed games For instance: Home and away.

It’s 7.00 pm-7.30 pm, and it’s Manes’ dinner time! Again, he opts for a healthy meal. Before going to bed, He uses this time to check his social media like a lot of us do! And every day he talks to his siblings and his mum.

Mane said: ‘’I used to miss home a lot - really, really missed it - but now, I know Europe, I am here, I am working, and I am used to it. If I am going back home, I am very excited to be going back because it’s my home country and I love it, but when I am here and working, I don’t feel nostalgic or miss home.’’

On a match day, mane is always focused, he does some stretching and warms up! When the game starts, the excitement overflows and he can’t wait to score! After a game, he prefers to have a nice ice bath and a massage! Then, he’ll head home, have dinner and watch a movie until he falls asleep. He’s indeed a person that sleeps well!