In a heartwarming tale of fan appreciation, former Asante Kotoko defender Samuel Inkoom has shared a touching story about a supporter's extraordinary act of kindness.

Inkoom revealed that following a league encounter against King Faisal, he was pleasantly surprised when a fan sought him out and presented him with a car as a token of admiration for his contributions to the team.

Recalling the heartening incident, Inkoom recounted, "“We played a game against King Faisal and after the game, I heard that someone was looking for me.

I met him and he asked that I hang around for a while before going home. I obliged and he asked me to follow him,” he narrated in an interview with Angel FM.

The encounter took an unexpected turn when the fan escorted Inkoom to the Santasi roundabout, where he led him to a nearby garage and gifted him a car.

“I sat in his car and we drove to Santasi roundabout. Upon getting there, he took me to a garage and gifted me one of the cars.

I didn’t know him from anywhere. It was my first time meeting him. He told me that he had followed me since I signed for Kotoko and had been impressed with my performance for the club so that was his way of showing appreciation.

Inkoom expressed his gratitude, admitting he was taken aback by the generous gesture.

“I wasn’t a good driver then but I managed to drive it home. I later found out his name is Prince and we have a good relationship now. We keep in touch constantly.”

He later learned that the supporter, known as Prince, had been an avid follower of his career since his tenure with Kotoko, and the gift was a heartfelt expression of appreciation for his performances on the pitch.

Inkoom, who donned the Asante Kotoko jersey from 2008 to 2009, eventually secured a lucrative move to Swiss giants FC Basel following his standout performances.