The Political Science Department of the University of Ghana has stated that it sanctioned the recent polls organized by the department that found that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was likely to the December 7 elections.

A team of researchers from the department led by senior lecturer, Dr. Isaac Owusu-Mensah predicted in the report that the opposition party would record 49.9%.

The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), the team said, also has an approval rate of 39.9%.

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP), the research continued would also record 5% whiles the Convention People’s Party (CPP) would likely recieve 1.7%; the National Democratic Party (NDP) 1.7% and Dr Edward Mahama of the PNC recording 0.2% respectively. He also indicated there was a margin of error of between 2 to 3%.

Three percent of the respondents to the quantitative and qualitative survey, the researchers said were not ready to vote for an independent candidate whiles 0.9% of the respondents failed to give an answer.

NPP likely to win 2016 elections – UG research Text message

Various persons including communicators of the NDC have dismissed the research, claiming that the department did not sanction the research.

A Lecturer at the Department, Prof Ransford Gyampo during a political discussion on the findings on GTV 24 on Saturday, 26th November, 2016 sent in a text message claiming that the Political Science department knows nothing about the research and its outcome.

He claimed that it was rather done by individuals in the department and not the department as a whole.

Dr. Isaac Owusu-Mensah, who was the leader of the team of researchers, Dr. Franklin Oduro of the Centre for Democratic Development, CDD-Ghana, Dr. Rashid Haruna, Executive Director, Development Challenge and Dr. William Ahadzi, who is the Director of Research of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) were the panelists on the show. It was hosted by George Asekere (Senior Prophet).

Prof Gyampo’s claim has since enjoyed widespread publication.

We backed research

Prof Gyampo’s claim has baffled many including persons in the department.

In a statement copied to which was the first website to publish the findings of the research, the department expressed shock at the claims of the Professor who is also a lecturer at the Department.

According to the statement signed by the head of department, Dr Bossman Asare, the claims of Professor Gyampo are untrue as according to him the Department sanctioned and commissioned the team of researchers that undertook the research.

“The University of Ghana operates with defined and respected administrative structures. Departmental research activities are undertaken with the knowledge of, or initiated by, the Heads of Department.

“Members of Department may express their opinions about them but that do not represent the position of the Department.

“As the Head of Department, I hereby confirm that the study was conducted by a team of researchers led by Dr. Isaac Owusu-Mensah, the Research Assistants are Teaching Assistants of the Department, who went to various constituencies across the country to collect and analyze the data,” portions of a statement issued by the department read.

Dr Bossman Asare further continued that the research team included ‘one of our experts on elections, Mr. A.K.D. Frempong, who has written extensively on Elections in the Fourth Republic…’

The research, Dr Bossman Asare said is not new as the department has over the years engaged in numerous research programmes which outcome is already in the public domain.

“Over the years, research and other programs have been directed by some senior members (faculty) in the name of the Department. Most recently were the study on Strengthening Parliament and the International IDEA forum on Expanding the Frontiers of Electoral Politics in Ghana. The Department is committed to studies of this nature because of their methodological thoroughness. This study is readily available and accessible from the research team for anyone to assess the methodology and even the constituencies selected for the study,” he said.

The Political Science Department has therefore called on members of the public to disregard the claims of Professor Gyampo and other persons claiming that the department did not sanction the research.

“Members of the Public are entreated to disregard any other information circulating in the media about the study. These are opinions of people who are not connected to the study.”