Outspoken political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Edward Gyampo has been figured in the scandalous “sex for grades” exposé undertaken by the BBC Africa Eye team.

The Head of European Studies at the University of Ghana was seen in the yet to be aired video requesting to marry one of the undercover BBC reporters who posed as a student seeking academic favours.

Professor Gyampo, in excerpts of the video released on BBC Somalia’s Facebook page cajoled the undercover reporter to meet him at the mall where he was caught on camera making “numerous inappropriate demands.”

The full video will be aired later tonight but the short one released shows Unilag senior lecturer Dr Boniface Igbeneghu and University of Ghana lecturer, Dr Paul Kwame Butako sexually harassing undercover reporters who they thought were students.

The documentary was commissioned in response to allegations of sexual harassment by lecturers that have hovered over tertiary institutions.

After initial interviews, BBC Africa Eye sent undercover journalists posing as students inside the University of Lagos and the University of Ghana.

The investigation resulted in a Unilag lecturer being exposed after he was caught in the act, and this is currently trending on Twitter.

According to BBC Africa Eye, their investigation saw female reporters "sexually harassed, propositioned and put under pressure by senior lecturers at the institutions – all the while wearing secret cameras."

Dr Boniface Igbeneghu, a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts in Unilag was also exposed.

He is a former sub-dean and the head pastor of the local Foursquare Gospel Church.

Dr Paul Kwame Butako, a lecturer at the University of Ghana's College of Education was also one of those exposed. In a video, he is seen propositioning the undercover reporter for sex.

Dr Butako was caught on camera saying: "How many guys have told you you're beautiful today?"

He added: "Let me be your side boy; side guy. Men have side chics. maybe you'll be my side and I'll also be your side. Because I'm married. My wife is not in the country though. My wife is out of the country."

The lead reporter in the exposé, Kiki Mordi, said she was also a victim of sexual harassment when she was in school.