The Internet has become a limitless dating site. Millions of people meet every day, make new friends and even find their love on the Internet. And there are more and more marriages that are registered by those who date online. This is absolutely great!

But what if you can't find the right person? It seems that the choice is huge, but it's not always easy. They don't write to you, and your messages are ignored. The conversation does not develop beyond the familiar “Hello! How are you?". And any communication sooner or later simply stops. Certainly, this happens very often. But we have prepared some tips for you on how to avoid this.

Tip №1. Choose a potential partner with a cool head

Don't expect to find your love right away. The search takes time. Moreover, it is impossible to understand that the person in front of you is your cup of tea just after talking on the Internet. You definitely need to meet in person to get to know him or her better.

Don't get stuck on just one person, consider different options. Study the profiles of people you are interested in, make a list of those who are like-minded and those who you like the most. And thus, gradually reduce this list. In the end, there should be one person left, presumably the one you need.

Tip №2. Upload proper photos on dating and social network websites

There should be no one in the picture but you. The exception is your pet. This is even an advantage. Guys should choose a more serious style for photography, girls should give preference to bright colors and not forget about make-up. A smile is the best decoration for any photograph. Don't be sullen or sad in the pictures - it's off-putting.

Recommendation for girls: don't take too revealing photos. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find a partner for a serious relationship. Of course, it is possible and even necessary to emphasize female shapes, but do not overdo it.

Tip №3. Take the initiative

It’s wrong to just sit and wait for someone to write to you. If you like a person, for example, on a dating website - write to him or her yourself. If they will answer you, it is awesome. If not - you calmly continue your search. What’s the point of waiting?

By the way, after chatting for a while on a dating website or in a video chat, try to take your communication to some messenger. If a person agrees, this is a good sign. If not, this may mean that he or she has too many contacts on the current website and you are not yet on the list of those with whom he or she is ready to start a relationship.

Tip №4. Do not delay a personal meeting

Of course, you don't need to make a date right after the first conversation on the web. But it is also not worth postponing the meeting indefinitely. As long as you're gathering your thoughts, your crush might go on a date with someone else or think that you are not in the mood for a serious relationship. The result is the same anyway - you will stop communicating soon.

Discuss the possibility of a meeting with your interlocutor, choose a place and time convenient for both. If this is, for example, a cafe that you both know, it will be very good. Familiarity helps to calm and relieve anxiety.

Tip №5. Feel free to ask questions

It sounds strange, but there are so many people who are simply afraid to ask questions. It seems to them that with their curiosity they invade someone else's life and get where it is not necessary. This is nonsense! Your interest is the best compliment for the interlocutor not only on the Internet, but also in real life.

Find out what your interlocutor likes, what common interests you have, whether your goals coincide, and so on. It can be helpful to pre-list the questions you want to ask the person. They shouldn't be overly personal or provocative.

Tip №6. Be yourself online and in real life

There is no need to invent an image and try to match it. Your acting won't last long anyway. And when the truth spills out, it will not be very pleasant. Try to be honest with yourself and the person you like. Believe it or not, it's easier this way.

Of course, no one on the Internet writes the pure truth about themselves. We all tend to embellish ourselves a little. If you do it carefully, there is nothing wrong. But when you start using other people's photos, write completely unreal facts in your profile, and so on, this is wrong.

Tip №7. Don't be too hard on yourself

Believe us, every person has experienced unsuccessful online dating and offline dates. And yes, you are likely to encounter this too. The main thing in such a situation is not to make a tragedy out of the situation. Keep in mind that all people are different. And the fact that today your acquaintance turned out to be unsuccessful is just another confirmation of this. Don't give up and keep looking.

Many people, after a failed date, feel as if it is their shameful defeat. And someone may even fall into a prolonged depression and not even try to get to know someone for several months. This is the result of excessive strictness towards oneself and overestimated expectations. Try to be a little simpler about everything. With age, it gets easier to come to terms with such failures, but the younger generation, because of their maximalism, often suffers.

Bonus tip: use different dating websites

Why will you limit yourself when there are so many ways to meet interesting people? These are social networks, instant messengers, thematic forums, dating websites and applications, video chats and much more! Oh, wait…there are still people who get to know each other and communicate by email! And this is a very original format in its own way, although it has outlived its usefulness for a long time.
By using only one website, you greatly reduce your potential social circle. Combine dating and video chat websites like, social networks and mobile messengers. And remember that sometimes true love can be waiting for you in a completely unexpected place. For example, on a small news portal in your city or in the comments under the post of your favorite blogger. So try it and never stop!