Seven Ways to Make the world a better place

The thought of making the world a better place can be intimidating. If you think, "I am only one person; what can I do?" it is easy to believe. Because of that, nothing will be accomplished. There are billions of acts of kindness and social responsibility that could take place if every person did just one good deed today.

Would not that alone change the face of this planet earth? The authors of How to Make the World a Better Place: 116 Ways You Can Make a Difference, Linda Catling and Jeffery Hollender, took this approach when writing their book. In this article, we will look at some of their suggestions and a few others for small steps we can take to improve the world.

1. Become a volunteer at a nearby school

There is no doubt that children are the world's future whether or not you have a school-age child of your own. Tutor, mentor, or participate in an after-school program to help them realize their full potential.

2. Recognize other people's humanity and honor their dignity

Become aware that the homeless man you see every day on the street is, in fact, a human being. Because of his choices or circumstances beyond his control, he found himself in this situation. Greeting him, say hello, and be friendly. A simple smile from you could make his day, and perhaps even the world, a little brighter. Treat everyone the same, regardless of their social status, you can read about scholarships articles.

3. Reduce the use of paper

The rate at which our forests are being decimated is out of control. By reducing the amount of paper you use, you can help save the environment. If you are going to the store, do not forget to bring your fabric shopping bags and type directions into your phone instead of writing them down.

4. Reduce the amount of time spent behind the wheel

This includes the use of hybrid vehicles, which emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and lower air quality. Consider how you can reduce the amount of time you spend in your car. You can contribute to a more sustainable world by carpooling, taking public transportation, walking to church, or biking to the store.

5. Be water conservative

Indulgences like taking long showers and brushing your teeth while the water is still running are bad for the environment. By keeping track of how long the water is running, you can try to cut down on your water consumption.

6. Donate to a charity that provides clean water

Fresh drinking water is scarce in many parts of the world. Donate to organizations and charities working to combat the global shortage of safe drinking water and learn more about the drought epidemic. It will drastically reduce the number of people who die from water-borne diseases due to your donation.

7. Be kindhearted

Materialistic societal pressures make it easy to spend your time, money, and resources selfishly. Try being a little more generous and see what happens to your life. When you ask a friend how they are doing, buy them a cup of coffee at Starbucks, read to them at the library, or stop and listen for the answer. You will likely feel more energized and less helpless about how to improve the world as a result of your generosity.