Curvaceous Ghana-based Gambian actress/Instagram model, Princess Shyngle, has dished out some relationship advice to her fellow ladies.

According to the tiny waist actress, having sex on the first date does not mean the lady is cheap explaining that it is a relationship interview which will determine if the relationship will work or not.

Princess Shyngle who recently made the news when she mocked her female colleagues above the age of 30 who are unmarried but frequently attend weddings of their male counterparts.

The outspoken actress who shared a photo of top Ghanaian male celebrities who recently got married indicated that the men prefer decent and well mannered women whistle the female celebs are still jumping around from party to party refusing to realize age is catching up with them and need to settle down.

The actress who has sparked another controversy took to her Instagram page to share her opinion on sex. She wrote: “Sex on the first date doesn’t make you cheap, it’s called relationship interview and if you’re called back then you got the job…”

Princess Shyngle who was born in the Gambia has stated that she is a descendant from all over Africa.

In an earlier interview, She said; “My paternal grandparents are from Ghana and Sierra Leone respectively while my maternal grandparents are from Nigeria and Mali.”

The actress, who has featured in movies like Why Should I Get Married, The 30-Year-Old Virgin and The Mysterious Wedding Planner, majored in IT, Business and Marketing from the Gambian Business College and worked with beverage giant, Coca-Cola.

She currently has a talk show on YouTube, Hot Talk With Princess Shyngle where she shares with her fans relationship tips among others.