You are forcing Ghanaians to attend school for free only to turn around and tell them, "government payroll is full". Who should employ them?

You have introduced a Double Track Free SHS and turned around and call them a misesucated Graduates? Why introduce a system that will only produce a crop of "Misesucated Graduates"? Hypocrisy or what?

The Finance Minister, Mr. Ken Ofori Atta and his NPP government would have suffered a Vote of No Confidence if he had made this statement in other political jurisdictions in the world.

Speaking for Akufo Addo and the NPP, Mr. Ofori Atta said and I quote, "government Payroll is full, so graduates must go into Entrepreneurship". It means graduates must go and find jobs for themselves in such an environment of expensive borrowing regime. Can you imagine?

It is important to remember that, these were the same people who said all Ghanaians have a right to Secondary Education. As a result, they haphazardly introduced the "Double Track FREE SHS" System to "have every Ghanaian child in school". One may ask; why did you introduce a system that would eventually churn out more graduates you knew you could not cater for? Why force people to attend school only to turn around and tell them, their education is useless? What is the essence of graduating if govt cannot get you a job, nor facilitate one for you?

Have I exposed the populism and dishonesty of the NPP govt enough? I hope I did by this analysis.

As if that is not enough! In another disrespectful statement by another NPP member who doubles as the 1st Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Joe Osei Owusu(Joe Wise) he was reported to have said and I quote, *"Ghanaian graduates are miseducated; they only attend school for certificate"*. By implication, Joe Wise was saying, *Ghanaian graduates are fools*. Can you imagine? Don't get mixed up. This is somebody who hails from a Bekwai village in the Ashanti region oo? Herh!

Massa, I don't want to talk plenty this morning but I have only two questions for Joe Wise;

1. Is he a Ghanaian graduate? If yes; did he attend school for certificate only and for not knowledge? If no; how did he become a foreign graduate? Who paid for his education abroad? The same "Misguided Ghanaian" Taxes, or his own father?

2. Are his children, prospective Ghanaian graduates? In other words, are his children attending school in Ghana? If yes; is he admitting that, his children are potential fools too?

If they are not attending school in Ghana, where did he get the money to sponsor their education in Europe and America? Could it be money contributed by the same "Miseducated Ghanaians" or from his salary as a Parliamentarian? How disrespectful? How can people be so power drunk? Herh!

Anyway, I will be back. Thanks

23rd October, 2021