Songstress Sister Derby found herself at the center of controversy after her appearance at the Pent Invasion festival.

Seeking to captivate her fans, she took to the stage with a daring ensemble. However, the move backfired as she faced severe backlash from her own supporters.

While her performance was solid and her stage presence undeniable, it was her choice of attire that stole the spotlight.

Sporting a petite pink dress that exposed her buttocks, she left a significant portion of her backside exposed to the gaze of the thousands of revelers gathered at the University of Ghana, Legon’s pent hall.

The eye-catching sight attracted attention, but the online community was quick to criticize her for going too far.

Fans who flocked to her Instagram comment section urged her to uphold virtue and cautioned against sacrificing her integrity in pursuit of fame.

Despite the barrage of negative messages, Sister Derby, having ample time on her hands, engaged in clashes with those who left unflattering remarks under her post.

In response to one fan, she retorted, “…Why is showing skin considered a crime? Since when does it impact the environment (which you pollute daily)? Since when is dressing more offensive than the lies you tell every day? If you can’t handle it, don’t hate. And if it appears unattractive to you and your Instagram friend, kindly refrain from leaving backward comments on my page.”

Sister Derby’s provocative outfit may have achieved her goal of capturing attention, but it also ignited a wave of disapproval from her dolphin-like fans.

As the debate rages on, the songstress remains unapologetic, defending her artistic expression and individuality in the face of criticism.


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