Overnight a new celebrity is born as one heavily endowed lady on Twitter with the handle Akua Saucy is all over the timelines for all the wrong reasons.

Curvaceous slay queen and Twitter influencer Akua Saucy is in deep trouble as her naked pictures and video have inundated social media the last 24 hours.

The source of the leaked images are unclear as a lot of theories have been propounded but according to sources it was leaked by a guy who had been paying the beleaguered lady GHC50 a day to buy her nudes.

The photos and videos shows all her voluptuous body parts that has been in wraps all this while in all its full glory.

Even there are some instances the Twitter influencer is masturbating while filming it.

According to sources the curvaceous Akua Suacy's side job is providing nude content for her patrons for a fee but in the last few hours Twitter has been awash with what she charges people for free.