By Amos Blessing Amorse


President Robert Mugabe who was deep asleep despite the earsplitting noise at the Black Star Square, our President claims, hugged him for painting exact picture of our independence struggle. Incredible!

According to the President, those of us who raised issues with the skewed history he rendered last week, did not witness the event that event that ushered us into self rule. In other words, we have no justification to call his attention to his cooked and distorted history which was intended to project his ancestors above Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah. No wahala!

But question is, did President Mugabe subsequently read the speech or he read it before gracing the occasion for which reason he decided to sleep instead of listen? If the Zimbabwean President did not do any of this, then President Akufo Addo should not use him as reference point to justify his distorted history antics.

We know President Mugabe has 'bags' of academic degrees including degree in History. However, we are yet to be told that he is the best historian when it comes to Ghana's history. Others who lived before our independence struggle and in fact witnessed our struggle have also discounted the President's mischief laden account. What has President Akufo Addo 'got' to say to them?

Nobody has said Dr Kwame Nkrumah singlehandedly fetched independence for the country. Of course, others aided the process. Those who cooked for Dr Nkrumah also assisted in the liberation struggle. However, the figurehead who provided leadership to ensure we arrived at our final destination is the man Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

Those who aided the process also have their names engraved in history. But certainly their contributions cannot be compared to Dr Nkrumah. None of us have problem with the President eulogizing all these people. Our problem is the crafty attempt to add those traitors who were opposed to our liberation to the list of persons who aided the process.

The likes of JB Danquah and others the President sought to elevate as pioneers of our independence struggle cannot be true. There are writings pointing to roles they played. But judging from their conduct, particularly Dr JB Danquah, and what they did to thwart Dr Nkrumah's dream of securing independence, it is clear that JB Danquah and his devotees preferred a country ruled by foreigners than Gold Coasters.

Dr JB Danquah and his ilk pretended to be fighting for liberation but behind the scenes worked with the 'enemies' to prolong their stage. That was why he insisted our independence should be attained within the shortest possible time. That slogan was vague and did not give clear indication as to when the liberation would arrive. Who determines what is 'short term'?

Dr Kwame Nkrumah was smart enough to spot Dr JB Danquah's deceit and acted accordingly. This accounted for reasons why the Gold Coasters never trusted Dr JB Danquah and voted against him in almost all the elections he contested. If Dr JB Danquah was what President Akufo Addo wants us to believe today, he would have won any of those elections. He was a bitter sole who opposed Dr Nkrumah because the latter was on the right path to jettison the imperialists who were he(JB Danquah's) allies and were feeding him.

President Mugabe probably hugged President Akufo Addo because the latter did not yield to the sleeping competing the former invited him to. Ghanaians will continue to idolize Dr Nkrumah not Dr JB Danquah.