A Zambian soldier identified as Pathias Mwape killed his wife after he discovered that two of the children who had been with him, were fathered by his superior officer.

It was learnt that the ugly incident happened at the army barracks.

Following rumors that two of his children were not his, he confronted the wife, a police woman, who confirmed that indeed two of the children were that of his superior officer.

Instantly, Mwape shoot dead his wife using a pistol and after realizing that Police were looking for him, he also killed himself.

Mwape was a military police officer who some of his close associates have described as a person who was temperamental and had spats with the Zambia police for different offences.

His children were taken by the army and after his house was surrounded by provost men he demanded that only the senior most army officer comes to arrest him.

The Commandant and the Brigade commander both came with other senior officers and at some time he fired randomly though no one was shot.

There were also combined efforts by the army police and the Zambia police to capture him but after remaining with few bullets he shot himself and died,”.