It is with no surprise that the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) writes again about the political and legal gymnastics of the Attorney General (AG) on the Woyome case. Over a year ago, AFAG called for the resignation of the AG after Alfred Agbesi Woyome wrote a letter to her as a beneficiary of USD 1 million of the fraudulent payment to him. Indeed the AG has since mellowed although as a face saving measure, she occasionally pretend ready to battle Woyome in court.

Fellow Ghanaians it is clear that our $51 million has gone down the drain although government is yet to replace dilapidated schools and those under trees with a national estimated budget of $52 million. The situation where an individual serving a particular party interest could hijack state resources through a well-organized fraudulent approach supported by the attorney General's office is nothing less than a betrayal of the peoples trust.

Fellow countrymen, quite recently the founder of the NDC and former president stated that, the democratic process is unable to fight corruption. However, the high levels of poverty and the current precarious economic situation is all as a result of politics of patronage and massive corruption. Right thinking people must wise up and speak out than for persons to start growing discontent among Ghanaians about our current democratic dispensation.

The AG must be ashamed of herself. AFAG accused her of conflict of interest on this issue and nothing was done about her. Indeed, the commitment of government to fight this case speaks for itself. An AG who attempted to retrieve it was sacked and replaced by an AG who benefitted $1 million from the fraudulent disbursement. Obviously if she had succeeded in taking Woyome to the Supreme Court her name would have been dropped couple with a threat from Woyome the last time that, if he is pushed he will spill the beans.

Another worrying angle is the inability of the AG to prosecute government and public officials who were involved in this fraud, these persons are thus walking freely as Ghanaians continue to suffer the consequences. The resultant effect is over burdening of Ghanaians with excessive taxes leading to the current high prices of goods and services.

Mass action is inevitable to demonstrate the anger of Ghanaians to the poor handling of this case by the AG. It is inescapable that the AG benefitted from the loot hence cannot prosecute. Ghana's AG is the poorest performing. She must be ashamed of herself. The AG must Go!!!!

Signed: Henry Haruna Asante Wesley Owusu Hon. James Appeatu Nana Ayew