Aspiring National Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Stephen Ayensu Ntim has appointed Kofi Ameyaw, a youth activist of the party as Spokesperson of his campaign team.

Mr Ameyaw who’s forte is effective communications will not be new to such office as he has for many years served as the Deputy Communications Director of the NPP, USA and brings to the table his rich political communications experience that will surely see the employment of effective communicators skills to ensure victory for Team Ntim.

According to Mr Ameyaw, he’s ready to wage a campaign to ensure Mr Ayensu Ntim emerges as the Chairman of the largest political party in Ghana to work assiduously and break the jinx of the conventional eight year mandate for every government over the years.

He noted that this can be achieved only when the grassroots is well organized and resourcing the constituency and regional levels of the party through the provision and cushion of a welfare package to the party executives.

Kofi Ameyaw told that there’s also the need for the recognition of people who have sacrificed to sustain the ideals of the party, a move that Mr Ntim who has himself sacrificed a lot for the party as the Chairman will see to its realization.

“When he was made the first vice chairman in 2001, he brought a plan to the constituencies to build offices. It’s a dream that he continues to hold dearly and he’ll ensure that when he’s voted as the chairman he’ll act on that. He’s been able to resource the party at the constituency level giving them 14 vehicles to embark on their activities.”

While appealing to delegates to vote for Stephen Ntim, he was very confident that victory will certainly smile on the four-time Chairman hopeful at the end of the elections.

“The delegates believe that this is his time, the time is up for the party to embrace his vision. ”Time aso” is not a slogan he personally coined, the delegates themselves couched it. They believe this is the time just like they did for the President. They saw his devotion, loyalty to the party and rewarded him not just to become Flagbearer but ultimately the President. So we are confident not because of what we’ve been able to do extremely differently, but we’re confident that delegates have prepared themselves to accept the leadership of Stephen Ntim.”