Relationship and Marriage counsellor, Catherine Onwioduokit has emphatically stated that couples do not need any large amount of money and a crowd before getting married.

According to her, a lot of couples incur debts after organizing extravagant weddings only to impress people who do not even care about them which should stop.

To her, it is unnecessary and not in context with what the Bible says about marriage.

Speaking to Paul Anomah Kordieh on e.TV Ghana’s Christian Connect she stated that, “You can get married with two or three people present. Some people know that they can’t meet up the cost involved and yet you go borrow money just to impress people with long bridal train and all that, it has nothing to do with Biblical marriage”.

Citing examples of Biblical marriage she mentioned that, “Biblical marriage was when God brought Eve to Adam and there was no ceremony. We don’t hear whether father, mother, church and friends were there but they were pronounced married”.

Catherine also disclosed that, the most important part of a marriage is for the God factor to be respected and recognized not the extravagance.

She went on to highlight that, “When the God factor is respected, whether with just two or three persons, a person is still pronounced married and let there be a blessing over that because whatever is born of God overcomes”.