Black Queen midfielder Jennifer Cudjoe has taken a swipe at the powers that be in Ghana football for their selective and preferential treatment handed to other teams to the detriment to others.

She says that other sporting disciplines and other national teams are orphans in their own country whiles the Black Stars is pampered and handed all the attention.

As a member of the Black Women’s Player Collective, an organisation of more than 40 black women players competing in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), Jennifer tries to help break down barriers and elevate the representation of black women players.

Having spent over seven years in the U.S. now, Jennifer noticed that not only in Ghana girls and women are not treated the same as boys and men.

“Soccer is one of the biggest sports in Ghana, so for them to pick and choose who to put so much time and interest in affects other disciplines,” Cudjoe laments.

“I started my activism for sportswomen when I came to the US. Back in Ghana, I was always quiet because I didn’t know much, but education makes you understand things."