Ghana has been described as a preferred home for receiving good quality and uninterrupted education which demands government showcase the country's education brand to attract more foreign inflows.

Many students from Nigeria and other African countries studying in the country view teaching and learning in the country as a haven that assures excellent and continuous teaching and learning, Founder of Simon Page College of Marketing, said over the weekend.

Mr Princewill Omoroguiwa, who was speaking at the 15th congregation of Ghana Technology University College (GTUC), said 'Africa is blessed with institutions like GTUC.'

A total of 1,300 undergraduate and post-graduate students met the requirement for the award of varied degrees from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, CASS Europe (Luxemborg), Staffordshire and Coventry University in United Kingdom.

'In many countries including or perhaps in Nigeria, studying in Ghana has become a guarantee of good quality and uninterrupted education,' Omoroguiwa said.

Ghanaian institutions like GTUC, he noted, 'gladly welcomes, integrates and develops' students talents from across the African continent needed commendation.

'But Ghanaian universities must do more,' he said, 'just like British universities, they must go out and promote themselves and Ghana as a preferred destination for education on the continent.'

'They must showcase the Ghanaian education brand,' he said.

He said government needed to encourage and support brand marketing of Ghanaian universities because 'it guarantees a steady flow of foreign exchange,' free from the dictates of world market prices constraining commodities like gold and cocoa.

'There is no world market price for quality education like it exists here at GTUC,' he said.

Dr Osei Kofi Darkwa, President of the College, described the congregation as very special as authorities continued to celebrate and embark on new milestone.

The occasion, he said, 'is a time for self-assessment and self-renewal, a time for the University to reflect on its mission and vision and to take stock and report to its stakeholders on its achievements and challenges.'

The University College attained its 10 year milestone in September 2016, which was marked with week-long activities on the topic: 'Connecting the dots.'

The University College launched its five year strategic plan - vision 2021 - during the period seeking to reposition it to keep pace with opportunities and challenges in today's complex and interconnected world.