Ever since the dating apps have come into the picture, it's become really easy to talk to a cutie across a screen. Texting someone on a dating app might sound easy, but not so much once you run out of small talks and flirty pick-up lines. What do you do then? You need to know of some ways that can help you keep a conversation going over a dating app.

- Talk about music: Start with "I've been listening to this album all day today, what are you currently listening to?" and see how your conversation flows with all things music! It's one topic that makes you learn a lot about the person too.

- Talk about shows: Now that everyone is stuck at home, you have all the time in the world to binge-watch on some shows or series. If that person over the dating app recommended some show for you to watch, do the needful and text them once you're done. Something like, "Hey, I watched the show you were talking about and I absolutely loved it!" will definitely help you get more such recommendations and keep the conversation going on.

- Talk about work: A lot of you might be working from home and if you wish to talk to someone about your day, let that person be the one on the dating app. "You won't believe what happened with me at work today" will make the person curious to know what was up with you at work and also make you two comfortable talking to each other about the day.

- Talk about the details: Simply asking "How was your day" is not going to keep the conversations going on. Instead, share something detailed about your day and follow up on the question. Something like, "I just woke up from a great nap, how is your day going on?"

- Talk about something new: "What's new?" will always sound like small-talks to someone who gets that asked almost every other day. Tweak it a little and make a good conversation about something exciting that happened with you in the day. Then follow up with, "Anything exciting happened since we last had a chat?"

- Talk about being honest: Honesty will always be appreciated. If you are terrible at restarting a conversation, doesn't matter. Use exactly that to start a conversation all over again. Say, "I'm sorry but I'm really bad at restarting a conversation. Can you help?" and see how it pays off for you. You'll be appreciated and complimented all in the next conversation!

Source: indiatimes.com