Actress, Ellen White has been sharing photos of her cars, houses, expensive trips abroad and her luxurious lifestyle on her Instagram.

The popular actress and producer has starred in several top films, including Fake Feelings 1&2 and Mighty One 2.

She has also produced four movies, including The List, Revalation and Medofo pa.

The beautiful actress is blessed with a son, whom she calls "boo".

Here is Ellen on a walk with her son.

For all her talent, Ellen is not new to controversy. She was recently accused of having a fling with the ex-husband of her fellow husband, Emelia Brobbey.

She, however, denied the charge and accused of her haters of using photoshop to paint her black.

Ellen is said to be a carefree person who loves to have fun. She loves taking expensive vacations abroad when she is not working.

It was a recent trip to Dubai that she was accused of the fling with Emelia Brobbey's ex-husband, an accusation she vehemently denied.

The actress also has an eye for luxury vehicles, and drives an expensive 4 X 4 vehicle.