The introduction of Surfline's new Surfplus bundles by Ghana's premier and most preferred 4G network, offers customers the best connectivity options to discover, explore and experience true 4G LTE mobile broadband amidst the possibilities it brings.

As data services continue to developrapidly within the Telecom industry, Surfline's  Surfplus bundles are not only viewed as a cut-price plan, but also offers its cherished customers the freedom to use their internet for anything they want based on their browsing needs and consumption patterns with no restrictions.

For instance, Surfline offers its customers 5GB for GHC29. This would enable light browsers to log on to check their mails, stream online videos, enjoy social media and chat without any limitations to the bundle package.

Surfline also offers 12GB for GHC69 for frequent surfers who enjoy streaming videos, video chatting and connecting partners and friends on social media.

And for customers whose needs go beyond streaming and chatting, Surfline's whooping 25GB, 50GB and 100GB bundles just for GHC129, GHC239 and GHC399 respectively would provide more than enough to satisfy their needs.

Surfline is pleased to play a leading role in empowering Ghanaians with affordable world class data services, which gives the people of Ghana more value for their money.

The best  Surflinecan do for customers is to give them the freedom to do whatever they want online, for as long as they want.

Surfline Communications is the first mobile operator in Ghana to provide consumers with internet speeds of up to 40mbps.

Fulfilling the ever growing need for faster, much more reliable internet services by businesses and internet individual consumers in Ghana.

Credit: Surfline Ghana