A woman on suspicion of possessing the novel coronavirus has caused a stir at the Maamobi Clinic in the Greater Region after coming into contact with nurses at the facility when she sent her daughter for medical care.

According to a report by DailyMailGH.com, the woman who through contact tracing was suspected to be COVID-19 infected refused to self-quarantine as she was advised to do until her result was ready. She flouted the self-quarantine order and took her sick daughter to the Maamobi Polyclinic on April 3 while awaiting her results.

“She has been with us and been visiting her daughter on a daily basis until a Good Samaritan blew her cover,” a disturbed nurse, who wants to remain anonymous, disclosed to Dailymailgh.com.

“We’re seriously worried and disturbed. We don’t know what to do now. There is no clear direction as to what we’re supposed to do until Monday and this is not the best,” another nurse told Dailymailgh.com.

When reached on phone, the head of clinical Dr. Prince Daitey told Dailymailgh.com management will meet over the issue on Monday and take a firm decision on it.

“Samples have been taken to Noguchi and we’re sure by Monday or Tuesday sample results will come out. For now there is no cause for alarm. We’re putting in measures to protect our staff. We’ve not recorded any COVID-19 case here at the moment,” Dr. Daitey stressed.