TAABEA HERBAL Mixture has been named the 'Best Herbal Mixture for 2015,' thereby cementing its widely known status as the leading herbal mixture product in the country.

The top award was conferred on Taabea Herbal Mixture by Entrepreneur Foundation Ghana (EFG) in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, recently.

The occasion was the 4th 'Made in Ghana' Products and Services Awards, which was held in Accra.

For its award, Taabea Herbal Mixture was presented with a beautiful plaque and a certificate, which highlights the company's roles in giving proper treatment to ailing people.

Taabea Herbal Mixture and capsules are effective for the treatment of malaria and other ailments. They are produced by Taabea Company Ltd, owned by Christian Kwasi Agyeman.

Taabea Herbal Mixture over the years, has generally been regarded as the leading herbal mixture in the country, as it provides best cure for malaria, body pains and loss of appetite.

Taabea Herbal Company Ltd. had received top international and local awards in the past on account of the effective nature of its products, which is making strong waves across the globe.

These top awards are Herbs and Medicinal Company of the year, 2015, from EFG and United Nations (UN – ECOSOC) Member Organization Award, among other enviable awards.

Wife of the Taabea boss, Clara Akua Agyeman, was also awarded the Best International Community Woman of the year, 2016 by Women for Africa in London, for her roles in transforming Taabea Company Ltd.

Speaking with DAILY GUIDE, Mr Christian Kwasi Agyeman stated that the numerous awards clearly indicated that his company was on the right track in the treatment of people suffering from malaria and other diseases.

According to him, his products are of international standards as they provide instant cure and relief for people suffering from malaria, general body pains and loss of appetite, to mention but a few.

He stated that the 'Best Herbal Mixture for 2015' award would spur him on to improve on his products.

Mr. Kwasi Agyeman, who was beaming with smiles, thanked God for his continual blessings and directions which had helped to propel Taabea Company Ltd to its current status.

He also thanked his wife, his children, staff of the company, customers and consumers, for their support so far stressing, “Without them I wouldn't have been here.”

He added that Ghana's economy and businesses would boom for the citizenry to enjoy if they (citizenry) patronized products that are manufactured in the country.

Source: Daily Guide