There is tension between Anbariya Community and the Tamale Technical University College over the ownership of the University in Tamale in the Northern region.

The Tamale Technical University College is one of the private tertiary institutions in the Northern region and since 2010, there has been an uneasy calm at the institution owing to a stalemate that had developed over the ownership of the University College between Anbariya Islamic Institute and Professor Al-Hassan.

Students of Anbariya Senior High School clashed with students of Tamale Technical University College which resulted in some students sustaining various injuries.

The incident was reported to the police and subsequently the matter sent to the Tamale High Court for a determination of the right owners of the University.

The Principal of the Tamale Technical University College , Dr. Osman Al-Hanssan told journalists that the forcibly taking over of their Vittin campus by the Anbariya community has greatly affected teaching and learning.

“ currently our students are suffering because most of our equipments , computers and buildings have been forcibly occupied by the Ambariya community illegally and as you saw the place we relocated to the students is very small and they are crowded in the lecture halls.”

According to him, the schools hostel, computer lab, lecture halls , offices are being occupied by the Anbariya community whiles the case has not been determined in court.

“ I sourced funding to build the computer lab and now those structures are being forcibly occupied illegally by Ambariya community but the case is in the High Court and the court has been pronounced judgment on the case and the Ambariya people are accusing that the court is taking too long so they used force to occupy those structures.”

He noted that Ghana is a democratic country and that since the case is pending in court , it’s illegal for someone to take the law into their own hands.

Dr. Al-Hanssan is therefore called on REGSEC , Tamale South Constituency Member of Parliament , Haruna Iddrisu, Northern Regional Police Command, Government , King of Dagbon to intervene in the matter to ensure that peace prevail and avert any unfortunate incident in the near future between the two factions.

The Principal of the Tamale Technical University College , disclosed that his people are threatening to retaliate and take back their campus but he has pleaded with them to be calm and allow the legal process to determine the outcome of the case.

“ I have pleaded with my people not to use force because my people are inpatient and I keep telling them two wrongs don’t make a right because if we don’t take care this matter can bring conflict in Northern Ghana and will destabilize Tamale so our only request is that let us all follow the law and they should go back to where they used to be until the court makes a final decision on the matter.”

A visit to the Tamale Technical University College Dungu campus by DGN Online revealed that the over 600 students have been compelled to study in smaller lecture halls resulting in overcrowding which makes teaching and learning difficulty for students and lecturers.

Hitherto the students used to study in ultramodern lecture hall with aircondition with computer lab and other structures at the Vittin campus has allegedly been taken over by the Anbariya.

The General Secretary of the Anbariya Institute, Dr. Tamim Abubakar Seed , in an interview with DGN Online debunked claims that the Anbariya disobeyed the court by occupying the Tamale Technical University College because there is no court order restricting them.

“ They filed for an injunction to prevent us from using the place but the court rejected the injunction and told them that the substantive matter is still in court.”

He accused the authorities of the Tamale Technical University of changing the actual name from Anbariya Technical University to TamaleFit Technical University College which he claimed is fraud.

Dr. Seed said the Anbariya community is ever ready should the Tamale Technical University College try to attack them.

“We are law abiding people and we want peace in Tamale but if yet plan anything we are ready for them. Anbariya people should remain calm and peaceful for the court to decide who is yet rightful owners of the land.”

Meanwhile , the Northern Regional Crime Officer, Supt Bernard Baba Ananga, told DGN Online that authorities of Tamale Technical University College and Anbariya have been advised to calm down their supporters since the case is still pending in court.

“ we don’t expect them to throw blows apart from resorting to the law court because that’s the only place we can have our dispute settled and for that matter I asked the leadership of Tamale Technical University College and Ambariya to exercise restrain and also prevent their people from clashing as well ensuring that there’s peace and harmony within this metropolis so that law and order can prevail for the actual owners be determined by the court.”

Supt Ananga warned both parties not to move to any property to cause any trouble else they will arrest and prosecute them in accordance with the law.

“ The police can not ensure peace without her assistance of the leadership of both parties so we believe everything is under control as the leadership promised us that they have spoken to their people .”