A former teacher is facing jail after confessing to sleeping with a pupil ‘hundreds of times’ after he seduced her through Post-it notes.

Mary Beth Haglin, 24, sent a 17-year-old boy seductive pictures over the space of six months.

She claims that the student would leave notes on her desk saying that he loved her, and that she was ‘an empress’.

The former substitute, who is now a lap dancer under the stage name ‘Bambi’, was fired from Washington High School in Iowa when the affair was revealed.

However she has since appeared on programmes including The Dr Phil Show and Inside Edition to insist she is a victim.

Teacher-turned-lapdancer faces jail after having sex with 17-year-old pupil Credit The Inside Edition

He would call her his ’empress’ (Picture: The Inside Edition)
On one episode of Inside Out, she said: ‘He would come into my classroom, grab a Post-it, write something and stick it to my desk on his way out. One read, “I love you so much, my empress.”

‘I was completely head-over-heels.’

She added that the couple met almost every day to have sex in her car – however sometimes they would ‘just sit and talk’.

According to IBTimes, the television appearances ended up working against the dancer.

Sixth Judicial District Judge Kevin McKeever ended up turning Haglin’s original misdemeanor charge into a more serious crime of sexual exploitation.

Haglin, who claims that the teen used to compare her to ‘Mrs Robinson’ from The Graduate, was found guilty on Friday.

She now faces two years in prison and will be required to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

She will be sentenced in February.