The world has gotten to a stage where children are experimenting everything including proposing love to themselves in their various schools.

What makes the development quite worrying and disturbing is that many of these children are not even in their adolescent stages yet, they can be found in the lower/upper primary.

Some primary school teachers have shared shocking experiences of how some of their pupils have been proposing love to themselves.

What triggered the convention was a Facebook post by Afia Schwarzenegger, disclosing how one Paa Kofi has been admiring her daughter, Pena in their school.

She shared a shocking picture of the boy writing a love letter on a piece of paper and addressed to her daughter.

The letter reads, "from Paa Kofi to Pena I Love you"

Though Afia Schwarzenegger jokingly threatened to deal with the little boy, she also cried out to God to intervene in the such a situation.

Some teachers who follow Afia Schwarzenegger on Facebook could not hide their own experiences as they appeared in the comment section to address the happenings in the classrooms.

Below here are some of the funny but shocking comments underneath the post.