After men reach the age of 30, testosterone begins to drop by an average of 1-2% annually. This can lead to lower sperm production, decreased libido, lack of interest in life, and an increase in subcutaneous fat.

Therefore, to keep up men's health, it is essential to maintain testosterone at a level similar to that of a young body.

Testosterone therapy in Miami can help solve this problem.

What Is A Testosterone?

It is the primary sex hormone and anabolic steroid in males. Testosterone is important for the development of secondary sexual characteristics and male sexual function.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy 

Miami hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be a non-invasive treatment that is complemented with a diet and an exercise plan after a correct diagnosis is made.

Types of HRT are sermorelin, ipamorelin, and testosterone therapies, which involve bio-identical hormones rather than mimetic and secretion stimulants.

Testosterone therapy is usually self-administered by the patient at home. It comes in the forms of injections or other pharmaceutical products containing testosterone like:

  • Gels and creams (It has a general effect on the development of skeletal muscles and reduce urinary excretion of nitrogen, potassium, and chlorides)

  • Patches (Helps minimize excess erythropoiesis);

  • Testosterone pellets (Slowly absorbed over 4-6 months).

In Miami, Renew Vitality may offer low-dose testosterone replacement therapy plans for patients who need some form of a testosterone supplementation. Their specialists creates an individualized treatment plan for each patient along with a general health plan.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy 

Testosterone replacement therapy improves the quality of life, health, and a general sense of well-being. The main benefits are as follows:

  • Restoring libido and improved sexual function;

  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system;

  • Increased bone density and strength, protection against osteoporosis;

  • Better memory and cognitive performance;

  • Increased lean body mass;

Fat loss.