1/10The dynamics of marriage

The dynamics of marriage

Marriage marks a new beginning in every couple’s life. As they set on a new journey with a promise to be with each other for better or for worse, they prepare for a lifetime of togetherness. While most make it to the end together, a few less fortunate choose different paths midway.

2/10Unavoidable divorces

Unavoidable divorces

Sometimes it’s difficult to realise or accept the fact that a marriage is over or it’s on its way to failure. Some experience niggling doubts about the inevitable separation, others wait for signs to assure that it’s time to call it quits after they do their best to repair a damaged relationship. Interestingly, among the many signs like incompatibility, differences and others, there are a few traits that can be a warning sign.

3/10​What researchers found

​What researchers found

According to a report published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, the relationship between a husband and wife is greatly affected by spousal approval or disapproval of each other’s friends.

4/10​Study results

​Study results

According to the study, “Early in marriage, husbands’ negative perceptions of wives’ friends are more predictive of divorce than are wives’ negative perceptions of husbands’ friends.”

5/10How the study was carried

How the study was carried

The researchers investigated 373 couples during the first 16 years of their marriage. By the time the study ended, 46 per cent of couples had separated or divorced.

Source: indiatimes.com