Gaming is an extremely popular pastime in Ghana. Reports predict that the video games market will reach $121.80 million USD by early 2024.

Experts believe that the video game sector will grow by 8.74% every year, reaching about $185.20 million USD in market volume by 2028. Current estimates suggest that there will be about 5.2 million active gamers in Ghana that same year.

What games are contributing to the growth and success of gaming in Ghana? What are some of the most popular games on the market?

This article will offer a list of the most beloved games in the country as well as the main reasons behind their success.

Most popular games in Ghana

Without further ado, here are some of the most popular games in Ghana at the moment.

Fans of slot games, fishing, and fishing-themed games will love Big Bass Splash. This casino slot game is one of the biggest sensations of the year.

In this game, the player is put in the shoes of a fisherman who is trying to catch a Big Bass. Several fishing-themed symbols appear on the reels to the delight of players.

The sound design, the visuals, the winning combinations, everything is designed to recreate an exciting fishing trip.

The slot game has five reels and ten paylines. This game has a high volatility which means that its pay-outs are more unpredictable but usually bigger than games with lower to medium volatility.

The game’s Return to Player (or RTP) is 94.60%. This means that players can expect to make back 94.60% of their initial deposit when playing this game many times.

An RTP will never be 100%. However, the closest it is to 100%, the better this is for the player.

The game’s RTP of 94.60% is a good and advantageous RTP for players.

Players love this game for its free spins, hidden features and bonuses such as multipliers, stacked symbols, re-triggers and more. There are some exciting wild symbols as well and other surprise features to discover.

This game can be played at most online casinos. Players should opt for a gaming provider that has good reviews and is well-known in the industry to ensure they have a pleasant experience.

Players who have already tried this game and would like to try another fishing-themed slot game, can try:

  • Big Bass Bonanza

  • Big Bass Bonanza Megaways

  • Big Bass Bonanza: Hold & Spinner.

There are many more Big Bass games to try and new releases on their way.
FIFA games are some of the most popular games in the world, not just Ghana. FIFA is now known for being the most successful football gaming series in the world.

The game has received critical and commercial acclaim as well a number of awards.

The game’s developer, the Electronic Arts company (EA), has successfully managed to create a game that resonates with players from all over the world.

FIFA is a game that overcomes cultural and language barriers. It manages to unite individuals from different backgrounds through their love of football.

Players love FIFA for its incredible visuals, sound design and variety of gaming options. Football fans particularly love playing as their favourite player and interacting with their favourite team.

With FIFA, gamers can play tournaments and recreate World Cup matches. There are many options to choose from which makes these football games even more exciting and thrilling.

This prevents players from ever getting bored with FIFA. For those who feel like they have played every possible option on FIFA, there are regular updates, added features and new FIFA’s releases to look out for.

Electronic Arts makes sure to use the latest technology available to make the game as realistic and immersive as possible. For example, with FIFA 23, Hypermotion Technology 2 was used to make the game even more realistic.

Ghanaians love football which explains why FIFA is so successful in this African country.

Ghana’s national football team is known for its great players and great football performances. The team reached the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup after a series of wins which brought international attention to its players and coach.

With FIFA, Ghanaians can play as their national team and choose between single-player, multiplayer, offline or online games.

FIFA 2022 and 2023 are accessible on PlayStation 4 or 5, Stadia, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or Series X/S.

  • Other games that deserve an honourable mention

Here are some of the other games that are very popular in Ghana and deserve an honourable mention. They include:

  • Call of Duty

  • League of Legends

  • Among Us

  • Killer Bean Unleashed

  • PPSSPP - PSP emulator

  • Hunter Assassin

  • Temple Run 2

  • Robbery Rob - King of Sneak

  • Pure Sniper: Gun Shooter Games

  • Spider Fighter 2

Players who have already tried FIFA and Big Bass Splash should try some of the games in this honourable mention list.

Final thoughts

This article listed some of the most popular games in Ghana. Let us know what you think of these games in the comments below and whether you have any others to add to this list.