In the modern world, the pace of life has increased, people are becoming more active and do not always have the opportunity to spend a lot of time behind the screen of their home computer. Therefore, all the most important applications and services can now be found on smartphones.

This also affected sports betting. Now players prefer to bet not only at home but also anywhere, as soon as free time appears. In this article, we decided to talk about the growing popularity of mobile betting and its benefits.

The growing popularity of bets from smartphones

Statistics show that bets from smartphones are made by players more and more every year. It is very convenient because you can log into your account and make a bet even on the way to work or on vacation.

The mobile software is especially helpful for fans of live bets, because the odds there change every few seconds, so you need to catch the most profitable ones.

Modern mobile versions of sites and applications are quite capable of replacing the desktop versions. They allow you to register on the company’s website, make deposits, withdraw funds won, contact technical support and view team statistics. Also, some bookmakers allow you to watch live matches directly from your gadget. And mobile software can also help if technical work is underway on the desktop version of the site.

Given these advantages, it seems quite logical that every second bet is made from a smartphone in Europe. For example, in Denmark, 52.2% of bets were made using apps. In Russia, 50% of bets were also made from mobiles.

Mobile version or app?

Some do not see the point in bookmaker apps and continue to use mobile versions of sites. They argue that they do not need to be downloaded and installed, they do not take up the memory of a smartphone, and in the same way, they can replace a desktop resource. However, apps have a lot more benefits.

  1. Saving traffic. Not everyone has unlimited mobile internet. Usually, mobile operators (more about them and their tariffs can be found on provide only a few gigabytes within the package. And bettors who bet regularly need to constantly be able to make a bet, as well as monitor games, study statistics and news. For all this, traffic is consumed very quickly. Therefore, it is easier to install the bookmaker’s software, which is much more economical in terms of traffic consumption.

  2. Fast work. Often, web pages load much slower than modern applications. But when betting in live mode, every second matters because of the rapid change in odds.

  3. Bonuses. Many bookmakers offer their clients bonuses, promotions and the opportunity to win prizes for installing mobile applications.

  4. Content in a convenient format. Even on mobile versions of sites, menus or other elements don’t always fit your smartphone screen. Apps do not have this drawback, so the process of betting from a smartphone becomes more comfortable.

Where to find the software and how to download it

There can be only one difficulty: not all bookmaker applications can be downloaded directly from the Play Market or Apple Store. However, the download button can often be found directly on the company’s website. It is usually located at the top and is very visible. Almost all major bookmakers have applications, and they try to actively promote them, so there will be no problems finding the appropriate button on the site.

The software doesn’t take up much storage space, so it will download quickly. To install it successfully, follow the instructions on the screen. An important prerequisite is that you have an Android or iOS operating system. Some applications are also suitable for Windows Phone, but they are a minority. Also, it is desirable to have a modern gadget, as the software may not be adapted for older smartphone models.

When the application is installed, it will be enough to log in with the data with which you usually enter the website of your betting company.