The atmosphere home now is one of turmoil. Although we enjoy peace in our daily activities, the ordinary Ghanaian fervently prays for economic peace; one that he knows is attainable. The average history and economics student can explain the gradual deterioration in the life of Ghanaians. As a political animal, the heat of the upcoming election at home has been felt but not without a reflection on my current situation.

My interest is deeply rooted in the belief that a commonwealth, when well-structured by proper masons go a long way to beautify that state. The current situation at home is one that none is proud of. Many years after colonialism, some argue other forms of colonialism in place, what is certain is we have the power to elect our representatives.

Propaganda in governance is fast becoming unpopular, the evidence is seen at the manner the citizenry has lost interest in the activities of political parties. In Accra, people watch unconcern as political parties loyalists chant and wave party flags. Ironically Traditional rulers and Church leaders are in the front line cheering for their favorite political party. Church leaders are supposedly prophesying the outcome of the election on 7/12/2016 while our Traditional rulers are been nonsensical to the basic rule in chieftaincy, enthusiastically declaring their allegiance to either President Mahama or Nana Addo.

I had a dream, Nana Addo had won the election. Is this the popular dream? There is an Akan proverb that is literally translated; you dream about what you see. Majority of Ghanaians are voting for hope and change! Exactly the message Nana Addo is selling. I’m a staunch believer of the Latin saying ‘Facta non verba’ in English, action not words. This dream didn’t allow me see the change materialize, it showed how Ghanaians want a better management of their daily lives.

Probably, the Mahamaled administration has shot itself in the foot or nature is blowing the seasonal wind of change. A change that is yearned after living in a global village and realizing your own potential, nothing stops such a change. The youth of this house want the change that can put them on the same pedestal with their neighbors in this village. A change that will guarantee us better living standards, employment opportunities and a conducive environment to use our mental faculties to its fullest potential.

That saith the spirit of FREEDOM and JUSTICE.

Story by: Benjamin Afful