The Member of Parliament (MP) for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has stated that none of his contenders is an inch close to defeating him in the upcoming polls.

According to him, the only enemies he has identified ahead of the general elections are under development, disease and ignorance adding he does not fear competition from any of his opponents.

Speaking to journalist after filling his nomination on Thursday at Adidome, Mr Okudzeto Ablakwa said, "we will not be fighting anybody apart from underdevelopment and many other issues our people wants to resolve."

"Any issues that affect the quality of life, the living condition of our people, those are the only enemies we will be fighting in this elections," he stressed.

He further indicated that he sees no threat from any of the parliamentary candidates who would be contesting him in the general elections including Christopher Eleblu who left the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to contest as an independent candidate.

"I don't see any threat from any other political party, be it the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Conventions People's Party (CPP), People's National Convention (PNC) name them, we don't see any threat at all. The NDC has done so much for North Tongu so we are confident of winning the elections hands down," Mr Okudzeto Ablakwa said.

"It is unfortunate he [Christopher Eleblu] didn't act like other aspirants who contested in the primary, they have joined my campaign team and are solidly backing me...we continue to expect that he will come back to the NDC.

"We consider him an NDC member, so we don't expect him to go astray but he is no threat at all" he added.

He emphasized that he is confident NDC's track record of development in the constituency coupled with a formidable campaign team and innovative campaign methods would help to increase the NDC's vote margin from 93% in 2012 to over 97% in the December polls.

"We have completed numerous roads,almost completed a Community Day Senior high school at Volo, massive rural electrification extension to over 130 communities, portable water being provided, seen infrastructural development in schools, clinics. So we have so much to show," he said.

"Our argument is that when we had little we gave the president 93%, now that we have so much, we must meet the target of 97% minimum to show appreciation to President Mahama and the NDC government for the good job that has been done, so we are very very committed to this agenda," he added.

He promised an innovative and civil campaign void of tribalism, insults and attacks on his opponents adding he would work to develop North Tongu to the satisfaction of the electorates if his mandate is renewed.

Richard Collins Arku from the NPP, Christopher Eleblu, an independent candidate and the CPP's Morti-Dzivor Albert Mawuena have so far filed to contest Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa for the North Tongu seat in parliament.

Source: myjoyonline