The Centre for Juvenile Delinquency, an NGO, has sued the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) over the introduction of the Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Also joined in the suit, as defendants, are the Attorney-General’s Department and the Judicial Service.

The NGO is seeking a declaration by the Supreme Court that one does not need a TIN in order to file a case at the court.

As part of implementation of the TIN, the GRA indicated that an individual cannot file a case at the court, among other things, without a TIN.

The NGO is praying the court for an order of perpetual injunction retraining the GRA, Attorney General and Judicial Service as well as their servants, agents or assigns “from doing anything to prevent any person(s) from filing processes in any court in Ghana on grounds that the person did not quote his/her Taxpayer Identification Number issued under the Taxpayer Identification Number System of the 1st Defendant (GRA)”.