Transcription stopped being something extraordinary nowadays. Just a decade ago, not everyone could understand why they should transcribe their videos or audios, podcasts, YouTube videos, conferences, websites, etc. Nowadays, everything has changed and no businesses imagine their routine without it.

The usage of such websites is not limited to businesses now. Even students, teachers, and various educational platforms consider using an online transcription service a part of their working and educational process.

It is really a very efficient way of accessing the necessary information and data, sharing it, and even promoting your website or blog in a matter of minutes.

Of course, not all of those transcription services will be helpful enough. Times are changing, as well as technologies, and a lot of new services are popping up in the market daily.

If you do not want to get lost in this variety but get the most out of your transcription, check the list of the best video and audio transcription services and choose the one that will fit all of your needs and expectations.

1.  Transcriberry

This transcription service should be your number one choice. There are several reasons for that. First of all, it is the best in terms of advanced technologies and experience. It means that your transcriptions will be done by professional human transcribers using the latest AI-based technologies.

It guarantees the upper accuracy and top quality for your text. The service is very affordable. Their prices for human transcription are just $1.25 per minute. This is quite a standard cost in the market, you will hardly find something cheaper. There are no additional fees like on many other similar websites.

If you choose manual transcription, then you will pay only $0.25 per minute. Of course, automated transcription is possible only with 80% accuracy and only if the quality of your audio or text file is not bad. If there are accents, non-native speakers, background noises, etc., then it is better to hire a human for that purpose. Otherwise, certain errors and lower accuracy may occur.

This service has a very fast turnaround time. If you simply upload your file and transcribe it manually, you will get your text file just within 30 minutes. For human performance, the time will be increased up to 12-24 hours. To transcribe each minute of your audio or video, a transcriber has to spend around 30 minutes using specific advanced technologies. It is quite a time-consuming process if you want to get the best quality. The accuracy will be almost 100%.

Apart from transcription, this service offers foreign subtitles and translation to over 15 languages. They work with transcribing all types of files in any format. You can convert your Zoom conferences, meetings, video content, audio recordings, blog content, website, etc. Whatever you are interested in, and whatever you want to transcribe, these guys will do everything quickly and efficiently.

Their delivery is always done on time. You will not have to wait until getting your text file for ages like on many other websites. Timely delivery is guaranteed.


  • Quick turnaround periods

  • Highly professional workers (not freelancers)

  • Advanced equipment and technology

  • 99% accuracy

  • Timely delivery

  • 100% confidentiality

  • Very affordable and competitive prices

  • Translation

  • Foreign subtitles in multiple languages



  • None

2.  Rev

Rev is one more reputable video to text transcription website that offers a wide range of services. Here, you can order both audio and video transcribing, as well as translation and captions. At an extra cost, you can order your transcription to be done quicker, within a few hours only.

Human work comes with 99% accuracy as it has to be. It costs $1.25 per minute just like the previous service. Subtitles will cost you more, from $3 to $7 depending on the initial file. The error rate is not high on this website. It is also suitable for transcribing different interviews and podcasts. They should cope with it quickly.

Sometimes, they have issues with the transcription quality but if this is your case, they should redo everything for free.


  • Quick deadlines

  • High accuracy

  • Wide range of services

  • Good customer support


  • Quite expensive

  • Quality issues sometimes happen


3.  GoTranscript

This company is based in the UK. It is also quite a reputable company because it has been operating since 2006. A lot of big names became their customers. Even the Cambridge university orders their english audio text here.

You can order not only English text but also video and audio transcripts in more than 50 different languages. Captioning, subtitles, and translation are also among the range of their services. They cope with difficult STEM papers as well.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to order manual transcription on this website. They use only human labor. According to the company itself, automated transcriptions will waste their reputation and quality of work. It means that you cannot count on cheap transcriptions and will have to pay a little bit more.

They also claim that all texts are typed by native speakers regardless of the chosen language. However, they use advanced tools for facilitating the work of each transcriptionist. Just like its predecessors, GoTranscribe can boast about 99% accuracy. And yes, if your file is not of the best quality, contains accents or noises, you can still count on 99% accuracy of your text files.

If you wonder about their reputation, you can browse the Internet and find a lot of reviews there. The company claims to proofread and edit each file by a native English-speaking professional. All of their transcripts are verbatim, so you don’t have to pay for this option at an extra cost.

Their delivery time varies from six hours to several days. The price also depends on the delivery time. There is a free trial for orders up to $10. If you are a student, you can be happy with 20% off your orders. The costs vary from $0.9 to $2.5 per minute. This makes GoTranscript one of the most expensive services.

Your information is fully protected since they guarantee total confidentiality by using SSL encryption.


  • A reputable service

  • Wide range of services

  • High accuracy


  • High prices

  • No automated transcription

  • All files are transcribed verbatim by default (even if you don’t need it)

4.  Temi

This is one of the audio to text transcription services that can meet your transcribing needs. Unlike GoTranscript, this service will offer only automatic transcriptions without human engagement. It can capture and transcribe different speeches. Temi is widely used by journalists and podcasters.

The company is not as old as the previous one and has been operating since 2017. Everyone knows that if they need quick transcriptions, Temi would be a good choice for that purpose.

The platform is fully AI-based. Their advanced algorithms guarantee the high accuracy of transcripts. Of course, even though their speech recognition software is highly advanced, you cannot expect the quality of human-based transcripts. They work with all types of files though.

They promise an accuracy rate between 90%-95% but it varies depending on the quality of your video and audio files. Errors occur when background noises or accents take place. Regardless of that, you can receive your files within just a few minutes. The transcription costs quite standard — $0.25 per minute.


  • AI-based platform

  • Quite cheap

  • Very high speed

  • Good accuracy for automatic transcriptions


  • Errors when files contain noises and accents

  • No human-based transcripts

5.  Scribie

Scribie is one of the best services that can meet your transcription needs. It offers different pricing plans, as well as different transcription types. The delivery time is very quick, as well as their accuracy rate that reaches 99%. They guarantee up to 95% accuracy even for their manual services. The cost of such services varies from $0.10 to $0.80 per minute.

The cost of manual transcripts depends on the quality of the initial file. They take into account the accents, noises, and poor audio files. If your audio contains one of these, the price will be increased.


  • Two types of transcriptions are available

  • 99% accuracy rate for human transcription

  • High rate for manual transcription

  • Many pricing plans for everyone

  • Confidentiality

  • Proofreading


  • Manual transcription is quite expensive

  • The costs depend on the quality of your audio file

These are the most efficient and helpful transcription websites that use the most advanced and AI-based software for the highest accuracy and the best quality of your transcription. Some of them offer only human transcripts while others only automatic ones. However, you can choose those that offer both transcription options.

Their pricing plans are different and depend on many factors. You can pick the ones that suit you most of all. Depending on your professional activity, niche, quality of your files, and purposes, you can choose the right service for you. The choice of the service will depend on whether you are doing it for your business or personal aims. Such services as Transcriberry are suitable in both cases, for example.