The Ghana Private Roads and Transport Union [GPRTU], has revealed it going to increase transport fares in the coming days.   

The GPRTU says it has"no choice but to increase fares to mitigate the impact" the rising prices of vehicle spare parts has had on their business.

“The spare parts have gone up and it is not the fuel alone that we use in calculating our fares", Vice Chairman of GPRTU, Robert Saba said

"Looking at the current situation, the spare parts have gone up and it demands for an increase in lorry fares. Almost every part that we use [The price] has gone up.

“We have fought hard not to increase the fares. The tyres that we use, the rings that we buy in overhauling our vehicles, the bearings,— almost everything has gone up. With this, we have no choice but to increase fares to mitigate the impact.”

Mr. Saba maintained that the union will strongly push for the increase in all its engagements with the major stakeholders in the transport sector, including government.

The government in 2017 scrapped import duties on some selected spare parts following a campaign promise in the 2016 general elections.

It is thus unclear whether the spare parts used by these GPRTU members were not affected by the tax cut but he expressed some regret over the situation that has made impending fare increment unavoidable.

“We do not take delight in increasing fares because we know its ripple effect. But take for instance a turbocharger which was previously selling at Ghc300 is now selling at Ghc400” he added.