The vice chairman for the GPRTU, Robert Saba has noted that transportation fares could increase soon, despite stability in fuel prices as the Ghana Private Roads and Transport Union reviews its fare computations.

Mr. Saba argued that fuel prices are not the only determinant factors when the union considers fare increments.

He said the umbrella body of commercial drivers also takes into account prices of spare parts among others into its fare computations.

According to the Union, drivers over the years have to bear with increase in spare parts as there is no avenue to transfer some of the cost to passengers.

“The way we come up with our lorry fares; based on fuel prices is not the best – and there are other components that go into transportation business and normally passengers do not care so much about that and only look up to the fuel and when there is no fuel price increment and we want to increase the fares it comes with public outcry and paints the GPRTU in a certain picture.

“However, this year we are going to change the formula because we are also in business else we’ll fold up,” Mr. Saba serviced notice.

By Daraja Mutari/